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NovaLash is the first and most awarded eyelash extension company in the world. Since the company was founded in 2004, NovaLash has been voted #1 more than any other lash company, making it clear that critics agree that NovaLash is better than the rest. Learn why critics, consumers, and lash artists alike love NovaLash. ​

NovaLash Is The Safest Lash Brand

You only have one set of eyes, and maintaining the health of your eyes and eyelashes is at the forefront of NovaLash’s priorities. When Sophy Merszei, molecular biologist and cosmetic chemist, founded NovaLash in 2004, she focused on accentuating individuals’ natural beauty through safe, biocompatible eyelash extensions and adhesive. By studying the natural lash growth cycle, Sophy and a team of physicians and scientists produced the safest possible products and techniques that work with your natural lashes, not against them. This means you can enjoy NovaLash eyelash extensions year-round without damaging your natural lash. NovaLash was the first brand in the industry that uses human-safe adhesive to bond the extension to the natural lash, and our lash artists are trained to use physician-developed, damage-free techniques. Many competitors use industrial-grade adhesive, which can damage the natural lash over time and cause irritation and discomfort.

NovaLash Extensions Are Life-Friendly​

NovaLash’s adhesive is rubberized, which helps it bend and flex with your natural lash. The adhesive also makes NovaLash extensions immediately waterproof, oil-proof, and sweat-proof. Unlike other lash extension brands, you’ll experience absolutely no downtime with NovaLash. You’ll also be able to clean your lashes and extensions every day without damaging them, which is critical to maintaining the health of your eyes and natural lashes.

NovaLash Extensions Last Longer Than The Rest​

When properly applied, NovaLash lash extensions can last up to 8 weeks – over 2x longer than the leading competitor! A double-blind study proved that NovaLash Platinum Bond® adhesive beats the competition in strength, durability, pigmentation, texture, and curl. That means you can enjoy the volume, length, and look of your eyelash extensions without spending so much time in your lash artist’s chair.

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This article is from OYESPARK, an exclusive magazine from OYESPA.

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