Fall Letter From the Editor

The Scent of Autumn

Nostalgic Memories and Comfort food from the Apple Orchard

What plant we in the apple tree? Fruits that shall dwell in sunny June, And redden in the August moon, And drop, when gentle airs come by, That fan the blue September sky, While children come, with cries of glee, And seek there when the fragrant grass Betrays their bed to those who pass At the foot of the apple tree.

Many early memories of visiting the apple orchard could be had as a young child for many—remembering the crisp sounds of the leaves as you walked along the path, a bright blue sky, brilliant leaves changing colors, the fresh smell of apples, and lots of smiles and laughs. For me, the apple orchards were like a second childhood in my twenties. After living in the big city most of my life, moving to rural Wisconsin (and later, Minnesota) put me more in touch with nature, including the apple orchards and the big festivals each year. Watching nature in action influenced such things as creating my own garden–appreciating the sunfood of fruits and vegetables.

There was a certain enlightenment or high vibration being around the apple orchards. Trees are very grounding and healthy to be around.
Each time I go back and taste the foods, I am immediately reminded by my senses of the entire experience.
Then there are the spices—cinnamon notably, and others like nutmeg and cloves. It’s no coincidence we crave these spices. They are warming to the body, and as soon as autumn peeks around the corner, we find ourselves entranced by the smells of baked goods. In Chinese medicine, spices such as these are used to warm the blood, and are often prescribed as part of a natural medicine treatment with modalities like acupuncture.

May the apple orchards
be a place you return to
again and again
cherishing the memories
the senses
and connecting with
Mother Nature

This article is from the fall issue of OYESPARK.

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