Dr. Squatch

Get back to the natural basics of how soap used to be, using the traditional cold process method. With Dr. Squatch, you get a creamy, moisturizing soap that retains the glycerin and nutrients, and is soothing to your skin with no harsh preservatives.

Jack, their creator, started the company making his own recipes in his garage, perfecting the Dr. Squatch bar. From there, he has created an entire line of personal care products: bar soaps, deodorant, hair care, toothpaste, beard oil, natural cologne, shower boosters, and soap accessories.

Some of the amazing scents you can experience include Moon Rock, Pine Tar, Birchwood Breeze, Gold Moss, Cool Fresh Aloe, Deep Sea Goats Milk, Grapefruit IPA, Eucalyptus Yogurt, Bay Rum, Cold Brew Cleanse, Spearmint Basil, Cedar Citrus, Alpine Sage, and Wood Barrel Bourbon.

While designed with men’s interests in mind, Dr. Squatch’s products are unisex! So, don’t be shy if you’re not a guy! Also, look for a special offer on Dr. Squatch in this issue!

Each soap is an adventure, and American-made!

This article is from the fall issue of OYESPARK. Shop in-store at OYESPA for Dr. Squatch products!

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