The Dirty Way to Clear Skin: Re-enabling the Natural Skin Function

I started experiencing strange acne problems in my twenties. It wasn’t the same milder, puberty-type pimples that I experienced earlier on. These were mainly situated on my jaw line and were larger and just wouldn’t heal. I ended up spending over $500 out-of-pocket to a dermatologist to get rid of my acne. I used topicals and a special sulfur antibiotic, and after the treatment, my skin did clear up; however, it all returned a few months later. I felt like I wasted my time and money, and I knew I needed to get to the root of my problem rather than treat it superficially. I didn’t want to try anything more invasive either. It would be several more years though before I would finally find the answer to my problem.

The truth about standard acne treatments from dermatologists is that they mostly prescribe only topicals and antibiotics. They get rid of the acne temporarily, but once the treatment is over, it eventually returns because it did not resolve the root internal problem. Suffering from acne that is especially present in adulthood is not a normal condition that will necessarily pass.

The truth about over the counter acne kits is the same: they treat the skin as separate from the body, stripping the skin, where you are basically applying chemicals, detergents, acids, peroxides, causing more inflammation, and adding insult to injury. This causes secondary immune response, bombarding an already ailing system.

We always think we need to ‘add’ something to improve, but rarely think of ‘removing’ the culprit, which is where the state of excess happens. It is an imbalance.

Products aimed at killing bacteria are making the problem worse since there is healthy and unhealthy bacteria, and it also responds to an overgrowth (imbalance) of unhealthy yeast that causes the acne; bacteria (as well as yeast) is a normal function of the body and keeps excess yeast in check, so when you kill the bacteria, you are throwing the whole balance of bacteria and yeast off in the body, which is like disturbing an ecosystem. The theory with these products is to provide a “clean slate” for the skin, but the skin is part of the body, in fact the largest organ of the body, and it is interconnected to everything within. When things aren’t running clean and smooth inside, it will show up on your skin eventually.

So what do we want to do? First of all, we must remove the external culprits that are adding the insult to injury. These are your current products you are using to wash, moisturize, exfoliate your face. In doing this, we remove the chemical products to promote healing and calm down the inflammation.

Some of the main problems that can cross the spectrum of many people include disorders of the endocrine system (hormones), blood stagnation, slow and clogged digestive system from stress, bad diet, and lack of exercise. All of these manifest as a system that has backed up and will try to purge toxins and other excess through the skin to maintain homeostasis.

It may not be pretty, but it’s a way out for your body to manage things in crisis.

Besides these things, to deal with acne and prevent outbursts, a sensible stable method of managing emotions needs to be in place. Believe it or not, 92% of all acne sufferers of all ages have this in common – lack of emotional expression. Some people just keep it all in, and some others while seeming to be talking ALL the time, are still somehow keeping it all in. The key to balanced emotional expression is not to have to throw out information all the time. It means the ability to be aware of what you are going through. Not what your situation looks like to others, not how you come across on your blog, not what your friends think of you. You are your own witness, don’t suppress yourself. In the Energy Field, acne is a result of long term tension and energy surges or drains in the area around the hips, thighs, liver, venal network, femur bone and the sacral region. This can caused confused and erratic energy supplies towards the kidneys which furthers the instability to the blood and all the organs that lie in the lower abdomen (sexual organs, urethra, descending colon, rectum).

The Blood is a 24×7 carrier of energies of all types and when it is bombarded with energy surges and drains, like an over-worked postman, could deliver the wrong energies to the wrong part of the body, keeping something that should have been given out, and giving away something essential.

This article is from the fall issue of OYESPARK.

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