Letter From the Editor

Originally published in Be a Natural Beauty: The Five Habits of Holistic Beauty by Carrie Soneji

What is being a natural beauty, and why would you want to be one?

Back when I started the journey of natural health and beauty, I wanted simply to feel good inside and out, and I had wondered why it always felt like I was fighting the current. I kept searching for more and more products that would do nothing for me but disappoint and take my money, burn my skin, give me acne, or fill my body with foods that left my body toxic, overweight, hormonal problems, endocrine problems, and starving for something my body just wasn’t getting. I was searching for that bliss.

I began to question things around me and what I was buying, trying to understand what I was getting exactly, what was it really doing for me, who are these people and companies who are selling these things, and that maybe I needed to learn more about how to create these products myself and foods that would nourish me because the shelf life of these things is not compatible with stores and regulations.

Why did I need all these things in the first place to look and feel beautiful? Have you ever noticed young children— how beautiful they look, and they don’t worry about mountains of products to look and feel good? They also have yet to realize the amount of damage they will do to their bodies in the course of their lifetime and wonder as they are older what went wrong if this realization doesn’t influence the children to break the cycle.

With the art of marketing and the nature of business versus pure humanitarianism, creating and selling an illusion, a belief, and giving a false sense of results with set images have stood out in the awakening and transformation of returning to natural beauty. Seeing through deception, false promises, buying more than we need, buying what we don’t need, on a budget, can’t afford, pseudo-natural products, expensive organic, and non-organic products have prompted us to think more about what we buy and use. More and more people are becoming aware of these things and realize this model is not working—we want better and want to take care of our planet and each other.

It’s about realizing that everything has always come back to doing things naturally and you’ve always known this all along. You’ve realized that many of the problems you’ve faced were a result of not following this basic nature and it is freeing and comforting at the same time, like coming home.

I think many people might feel intimidated or overwhelmed when seeking a natural lifestyle, and, as a result, never fully commit and go back to their old way of living. This comes mainly from a lack of proper research and planning. Realize also though that true changes take time, so please be kind to yourself, and don’t rush the process. In this process, you will experience monetary savings, simplifying your life, and regaining the inner peace and homeostasis of your body. From my research and experience over the years, I’ve come to this realization. I’ve also come to realize that there is a simple way and a complicated way to living naturally, and know that the simple way is what comes naturally to you.

Being a natural beauty should in no way feel complicated, but rather more effortless and in tune with the natural way of the earth. There is no complex plan involved or complicated imitations of the old way of living, just a remembrance of the natural way, and the gentleness of bringing one back to that.

This article is from OYESPARK, OYESPA’s exclusive magazine. Read the full issue here.

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