The Team

Ashley Skamser
Ashley is a graduate of the Aveda Institute Minneapolis, Cosmetology program in 2012. She has also received advanced training and certifications from the National Laser Institute, Texas for medical laser devices, and many more modalities and treatments. Her passion lies within skin care and helping guests feel their best. Ashley thinks a facial is the best way to wind down and spend sixty minutes. Outside of work you will find her outdoors spending time with her husband, daughter, and their two dogs.
Carrie Soneji
Executive Editor
Carrie is the Executive Editor of OYESPARK magazine at OYESPA. She encompasses that deep down we all want and need to realize our gifts and do what we love every day. Health, happiness, and success are major components in life we aim to achieve and maintain. The purpose of her teachings is to guide others in achieving these goals, with a major component focusing on self-realization. She also has spent over twenty years studying and applying concepts of alternative/natural wellness. In a passionate effort to find ways to take better care of the body and mind, Carrie is a professional writer, editor, and a certified teacher for over twenty years. She enjoys helping others awaken to their full potential, raising her three children, reading, being in nature, learning about different cultures, listening to/composing music, naturopathic wellness, and a practicing hatha yoga student since the early 90s.
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Jules Annen
Jules Annen, PhD, is a Licensed Hairstylist, Skin Care Specialist, and a Holistic Health Practitioner. An Aveda Institute Alumna, Jules has worked within the Aveda network for 20+ years. She specializes in healing unwanted inflammatory skin conditions and unwanted scalp conditions that can lead to hair loss with an integrative and holistic approach. Jules is a professional member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).
Montana Stayer
Graphic Design Artist
Elijah Wolff
Digital Producer
Danielle Widen
Massage Therapist
Ling Yu
Adella Roberts
Sarah Winter
Alison Harder
Floor Supervisor
Sokunthea Ky
Kimly Yem
Ayan Barre
Alayna Rozales
Amaya Erdrich
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Kathleen Maahs